Vasco Balboa

.Born in 1475
.Died in 1519

He tried to farm for a living, but he failed.
He was beheaded in 1519.

He traveled from 1500-1513.

He's came from Spain.
The purpose of his journey was to find pearls and gold.

1. He was beheaded in 1519, even though he was innocent.

2. He stole gold.

3. He was a Spanish conquistador.

4. Balboa married the daughter of a local indian chief.

He was beheaded in 1519, though he was innocent.
He killed hundreds of indians.

He stole gold and he was the first person to see the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean.
Samuel Champlain
Year of birth 1567?
Year of death 1635
Years that they traveled
he is from France

he decided to search for a Northwest passage

Explorer Statistics
he mapped northeastern North America

He has a lake in New York named after him.

Established the French Colonies in the New World

He made friends with Huron Indians and helped them fight the Iroquois.

His ships were the St. Julien , the Don and the Don de Dieu

yes he found a waterpassage to Great Lake and established the new world colonies