Rontu and Karana, Friends or Foes?
By Rachel Green

When Karana got stranded on an island her tribe used to live on, she knew she had to kill the willed pack of dogs that lived on the island. She makes different tools to help her do so. When she attempted to kill the leader, but she felt bad and helped him recover from her attempt to kill him. After she got attached to him she named the dog Rontu. In her language Rontu means fox eyes. He loves to chase birds and protect Karana.

One day when Karana went fishing Rontu was acting strange so she let him out. Little did she know that Rontu would be in trouble. When Karana was fishing she heard dogs barking and knew that something was wrong. She quickly got to shore and went to the ravine which was where the noise was coming from. When she got there Rontu was surrounded by the pack of wild dogs. Two dogs were circling him ready to pounce. Rontu licked his paw to set a distraction when one dog leaped into the air. Rontu acted quickly by biting it's leg. When the next dog came Rontu got attacked. Not to Karana's surprise that when the dog came again Rontu slashed his teeth into the other dog's mouth. After he did that he trotted past Karana who was in the brush watching everything. When Karana got home Rontu was right there waiting for her like nothing had ever happened. After that day Karana didn't have to worry about the wild dogs any more.