Girl on island struggles to save a dog/her best friend

ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS Eleven year old girl, Karana is alone on an island with her six year old brother Ramo until a tragedy strikes when Ramo is killed and eaten by wild dogs. Now Karana is in the process of making a house and a gate around it so that the wild dogs don't get in and kill her. She has also made tools such as: a spear, a bow, and a few arrows. If the rest of her tribe was here she would have gotten in deep, deep, trouble because it is against the law for women to make the tools. Karana is trying to kill the dogs that had killed her brother, Ramo, but when she comes across the leader of the pack she shoots an arrow at it right away and the dog goes down, but is not dead and she knows that. When she thinks about it later she doesn't know why she didn't try and kill it again. So instead of killing the dog, Karana picks it up and takes it back to the house. Karana takes care of this dog for a while. She even names it Rontu, but Karana is worried when she goes to hunt some food for Rontu, and she finds him with the other dogs from the pack.They are circling him. Karana did not want to interfere just yet because she did not know what was going to happen. The dogs start fighting and Rontu gets hurt but after wards he was fine.